Did you know that your kitchen is apart of the country’s renewable energy infrastructure and can directly impact the community where you live, work, and play? Chicago Renewable Energy Solutions collects used cooking oil for the express purpose of creating renewable energy and providing support for the community organizations you care about.

100% of the organic material we collect is converted into renewable energy.

We guarantee that the used cooking oil we collect will be recycled into biodiesel. Biodiesel is the renewable fuel substitute of petroleum diesel. By comparison, biodiesel has a lower carbon impact than diesel, gasoline, compressed natural gas, and ethanol. Moreover, biodiesel made from used cooking oil has a lower carbon footprint than other feedstock such as corn, tallow, canola, and soy.

The organic byproduct from our operation is taken to a nearby waste water treatment facility where an anaerobic digester converts this material into electricity to power their facility.

Proceeds from the collection and recycling of our client’s used oil are donated to community and charitable organizations to support a variety of local programs and initiatives. While donations are made by CRES, our philanthropic partners understand that the value is provided by the kitchens we collect from.

Some of the organizations we support include: