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See below for FAQs regarding our service. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recycle with CRES?
  • Reach out to us about participating in our recycling program. Whatever your disposal needs are, we can help provide a sustainable disposal solution.
Is your service free?


  • By leveraging the value of used cooking oil relative to the biodiesel industry, we are able to cover costs and make a donation to charity on your behalf. However, much like any commodity, the value of this oil is subject to change. Your donations will represent the corresponding changes to this value.

Custom disposal and events:

  • The cost for servicing events and providing custom disposal solutions vary on a case by case basis. However all oil collected is still guaranteed to be turned into biodiesel!
How do I know my impact?
  • Quarterly reports are emailed to our clients detailing  the dollar amount donated to your favorite charity as well as the estimated gallons of biodiesel to produced from your waste. Use these metrics to promote your sustainable impact. Don’t be surprise if we shout out your good deeds on social media!
Are my donations tax deductible?
  • Donations made on your behalf are not tax deductible however you can expense the full cost of your virgin oil come tax time.
Can I choose the organization that I am donating to?
  • CRES is always open to accepting new philanthropic partners.